NewEraSOS is Taking Antimicrobial Technology to a New Level

NewEraSOS is Taking Antimicrobial Technology to a New Level

Las Vegas, NV: Antimicrobial supplier NewEraSOS is introducing a new way to protect surfaces from microbial contamination and growth.

Now more than ever, proper sanitization protocols are absolutely imperative to protect surfaces from microbes. Even regular, thorough disinfecting practices can fail to meet the standards we all need; clean a surface ten times a day with traditional cleaners and a surface will remain unprotected over 95 percent of the time.

Enter NewEraSOS and its line of products containing PreventX 24/7, the game-changing, long-lasting antimicrobial coating featuring a proprietary, EPA-approved and registered product proven to be effective against a wide array of microorganisms. 

Typical disinfectants work only after remaining wet on a surface for 5 to 10 minutes. Once dry or wiped away, they offer no further protection, leaving surfaces vulnerable to re-contamination. The only solution is constant re-application. 

PreventX 24/7 creates a biostatic finish coating with ongoing antimicrobial properties that bonds with the surface, protecting against biological contaminants long after its initial application. The innovative PreventX 24/7 continuously shields surfaces and fabrics against microorganisms for up to 90 days, depending on surface use. The proprietary compound in PreventX 24/7 is nontoxic, non-leaching, and nonhazardous, all while protecting surfaces from more than 100 independently laboratory-tested microorganisms.

A wide range of industries, including hospitals, restaurants, religious organizations, armed services, corporate offices, and schools, thrive when environmental microorganisms and surface bioburden are dramatically reduced. In an era of rigorous surface-cleaning standards, every organization can benefit by using PreventX 24/7.

Future cleanings become easier and treated materials last longer for an immediate return on investment.  Any organization with high-traffic surfaces can use PreventX 24/7™ to reduce conventional cleaner use, shrink labor costs, and enhance surface longevity.

PreventX 24/7 can be applied to surfaces using spray-and-wipe or spray-and-walk-away methods. The company provides a detailed overview of the technology on its website,

About NewEraSOS

NewEraSOS was founded by a team of experts committed to improving the way public places, businesses, and homeowners protect the surfaces they interact with every day. The company has the unique ability to provide its customer base with premium technology with over 30 years of independent studies confirming the efficacy of PreventX 24/7™.