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In a time of unprecedented attention on public health, proper sanitization protocols are more important than ever to maintain healthy surface environments. Even regular, thorough disinfecting practices can fail to meet the standards your clients require; use a conventional product to clean a surface ten times a day and it will remain unprotected over 95 percent of the time.

Using subpar cleaning products and practices fails to provide ideal service to your clients and customers. You need a product that exemplifies excellence. A product that has nearly 50 years of proven, studied performance. A product that ushers in a new era.

Enter NewEraSOS and its PreventX 24/7™, the game-changing, long-lasting antimicrobial coating featuring a proprietary, EPA-approved, and registered compound proven in independent laboratory testing to protect surfaces from more than 100 pathogens.

Decades of Proven Performance

Originally developed by Dow Corning in the early 1970s, AEM 5700 was brought to market under the name Aegis Microbe Shield. The silane to quaternary ammonium compound improved adhesion on a wide range of surfaces. In time the blender of PreventX 24/7™ acquired the rights to purchase Dow’s materials. The raw materials, specialized generation equipment, and blending processes used to build AEM 5700 are currently used for producing PreventX 24/7™. The proprietary chemistry and active ingredients have remained unchanged throughout its production.

Superbugs: Beware

Typical disinfectants work while wet. In fact, they need to remain wet on a surface for 5 to 10 minutes to be effective. Once dry or wiped away, however, they offer no further protection, leaving surfaces vulnerable to re-contamination. Especially in a high traffic area, constant reapplication is the only way to continuously maintain a high standard of cleanliness. And with typical cleaning regimens, organisms are able to adapt and mutate, leading to the formation of resistant strains, a.k.a. superbugs.

Give Your Clients the Gift of
Murdered Microbials

When a microorganism comes in contact with a surface treated with PreventX 24/7™, carbon “needles” physically kill the organism. The compound punctures the cell membrane of the organism and shocks it with an electrical charge. Because the antimicrobial does not transfer material to the now-dead cell, it doesn’t lose strength. And because organisms are killed without poison or chemicals, PreventX 24/7™ doesn’t promote the growth of superbugs.

A wide range of industries and organizations, including hospitals, restaurants, religious organizations, military bases, corporate offices, and schools thrive when environmental pathogens and surface bioburden are dramatically reduced. Such entities maintain rigorous surface-cleaning standards and can benefit greatly by using PreventX 24/7™.

Customers with lower environmental pathogens and bioburden are happier customers. And happier customers not only remain customers, but they refer others. In that sense, PreventX 24/7™ doesn’t just protect your clients’ businesses—it protects and strengthens yours.

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