Calci-Cure™ 5-Gallon Pail Concentrate - Hard Surface Calcium, Rust, Scale Remover



Eco-Friendly Hard Water Deposit Remover

Calci-Cure™ has a USDA Authorization for:
• A1 – General Cleaners
• A2 – Soak Tank, Stream/Mechanical Cleaners
• A3 – Acid Cleaners
• A4 – Floor and Wall Cleaners
• A7 – Metal Polishes – Nonfood Contact
• A8 – Degreasers / Carbon Removers
• C2 – Toilet / Dressing Room
• G6 – Boiler Treatment Products – All Food Processing/Nonfood Contact Areas
• G7 – Boiler Treatment Products – All Food Processing/Nonfood Contact Areas

FDA Approved as Safe (GRAS): (CGMP) CFR 184, 1923

Navsea, US COAST GUARD, NOAA, and HRSD approved for direct disposal into VA Sewer System

• 100% Biodegradable
• 100% Acid-Free
• Non-Toxic
• Dilutable for Multipurpose Cleaning
• Safe on Piping and Pumping Equipment
• Safe on Powder Coated Equipment
• No Disposal Restrictions
• No Secondary Containment Required
• Non-Mutagenic
• Non-Corrosive
• Neutralizes easily with Water


Calci-Cure™ is a low-pH cleaner alternative to harsh acids. It combines detergents and nano surfactants to more effectively break down calcium, lime, rust, and other mineral deposits.

Where to Use

  • Clean Rust Stains and Mineral Scale
    • Fixtures
    • Pipes
    • Glass
    • Plastics
  • Clean / Descale
    • Cooling Channels in Water Cooled Molds
    • Heat Exchangers/Radiators
    • Associated Plumbing
    • Drilling / Coring Pipe
    • Pumping Equipment
  • Safely Clean Marine Engine Cooling System
  • Safely Flush Automotive Radiators

Primary Applications

Calci-Cure™ is scientifically engineered nanoparticles that boost the effectiveness of our formula to rapidly penetrate and dissolve mineral deposits and rust without damage to sound metals, plastics, rubbers, and even synthetic hoses or cooling channels.

Supplies Needed

1. Calci-Cure™
2. Spray applicator of choice
3. Abrasion pad, paper towels, microfiber cloth, firm brush, or other


Use Calci-Cure™ for different surfaces needing deep cleaning descaling by applying and let penetrate, abrasing, or scrubbing, then rinsing and wiping.

How to Use

• Clean with one of our specialized cleaners to remove soil, oils, and grease.
• Rinse to neutralize cleaner and let water dry.
• Determine the proper dilution rate with prior testing.
• Light Buildup: Dilute 5:1
• Moderate Buildup: Dilute 3:1
• Heavy Buildup: Dilute 1:1
• Severe Buildup: Use undiluted
• With sprayer of choice, apply concentrate/diluted cleaner on the surface.
• Let Calci-Cure™ penetrate 2 to 3 minutes. Do not let it dry on the surface.
• Scrub with an abrasion pad, firm brush, or other.
• Rinse thoroughly and let dry.


• Rinse off with water or pressure washing equipment when applicable (over 400 to 600 psi).
• Remember to always scrub with the grain of the metal
• Inquire about our sealers. Use Fortify Sealer for outdoors or Finest Sealer for indoors to prevent re-rusting, soil accumulation, and corrosion, and maintain luster longer.
We also have several floor sealers.


As with all cleaning products, use protective wear (mask, gloves, and goggles to avoid skin and eye contact).


Each order of Calci-Cure™ comes with a 5-gallon pail.

To learn more about these and any other products, other sizes, and discounts for bulk orders, please contact us at 888.637.6760 ext. 165.

Additional information

Weight 42.85 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 in