Finest Sealer™ RTU - Food Contact Approved Surface Protectant - 55-Gallon Drum

That's only 2.25 per ounce.

Finest Sealer™ will protect hard surfaces from the buildup of calcium, hard water spots, and other mineral surface deposits.

Where to Use

Finest Sealer™ works excellent on different hard and soft surfaces, including tile, natural stone, glass, stainless steel and all other metal, ceramic, plastics, clear coats, painted and unpainted surfaces, concrete, masonry, stone, composites, ABS, polycarbonate, styrene, acrylics, grout, wood, fabrics, and many more.

NOTE: Not intended for use on polished flooring surfaces as they will become very slippery.

Primary Applications

The protection of hard surfaces from the buildup of calcium, hard water spots, and other mineral surface deposits.

Supplies Needed

1. Finest Sealer™
2. Spray applicator
3. Cloth types: Paper towels or microfiber cloth, or other

How to Use

1. Thoroughly clean surfaces
2. Apply sealer to dry surface with a fine-mist sprayer and gently spread with a soft cloth
4. Allow drying for 5-10 minutes
5. Buff with a soft cloth

Finest Sealer™ integrates with any surface (tile, concrete, plastics, glass, wood, etc.). Long-lasting sub-micron protection against scale, lime, calcium, and other mineral deposits, atmospheric fouling, corrosion, soil adhesion, and UV degradation with "liquid glass" penetrating sealant.

• Water-based • Non-flammable • Non-toxic • Non-abrasive • Does not affect pH • Does not etch surfaces • Does not add weight or dimension • Does not contain silicones, PTFEs, oils, waxes • NO VOCs • Viable to 350 degrees C • Does not harden • Enhances shine and matte finishes • Ozone safe



1. Eliminates mineral deposits/build-up on the surfaces!
2. Surfaces remain clean and are easy to maintain after sealer treatment.
3. Rejuvenate surfaces and bring out original color and luster.
4. Extend the life of your surfaces and reduce maintenance costs for an immediate appearance enhancement and long-term return on investment.
5. Finest Sealer™ eliminates the need for other products that hide scaling and deposits.

How it works

NewEraSOS has successfully combined two emerging technologies to address multiple problems of surface protection against calcium, hard water spots, and other mineral surface deposits.

Finest Sealer™ utilizes nano-metal oxides to densify and strengthen surfaces without hardening to further enhance UV protection and surface protection.


• Grout lines may absorb more product. For maximum effectiveness, dip the brush into the sealer and apply it to
grout lines.
• One-gallon seals approximately 2000 sq. ft. of surface.
• For large applications, spray with a fine mist pump or any other fine mist applicators.
• For the first application, apply two coats.
• Mineral buildup may require media-blast surface cleaning. DO NOT abrade glazed tile surface.


• Use rubber gloves and goggles to avoid skin and eye irritation.
• Do not use on floors. Use on grout only as it makes floors


Each order of Finest Sealer™ RTU - 55-Gallon drum.

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Additional information

Weight 400 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 46 in