PreventX 24/7™ RTU - Long-Lasting Antimicrobial - Up to 90 Days on Surface 1/32oz Bottle


Sprays up to 1500-1750 sq. ft.

Introducing PreventX 24/7™ Antimicrobial Surface Protectant, an all-surface durable protective barrier that imparts biostatic activity to protect the surfaces against odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew, and algae reducing corporate liability, making future cleanings easier, while extending the life of your surfaces.

Top benefits of long-lasting antimicrobial surface protection:

  • An affordable, fast, and convenient spray and wipe application that is available in concentrate up to 3X (for FDA-approved facilities) and in ready-to-use.
  • Independent studies have shown the active ingredient in PreventX 24/7™ to be effective against many different microorganisms, including bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi.
  • PreventX 24/7™ is an EPA registered antimicrobial (EPA Reg. No. 91116-1).
  • Typical disinfectants work while wet, but once the product dries, there is no further protection, and the treated surface is ready for re-contamination. PreventX 24/7™ will continue to protect your surfaces against microorganisms for 30 to 90 days, depending on surface use.
  • Reduces ATP scores for added safety compliance.
  • Germs cannot thrive on a surface treated with PreventX 24/7™.
  • PreventX 24/7™ Provides a protective finish that bonds to the surface, not destroyed by normal daily cleaning.
  • PreventX 24/7™ provides continuous surface protection in between cleaning and disinfecting events.
  • Microscopic "carbon spikes" penetrate the cells and destroy the organisms.
  • PreventX 24/7™ environmental green technology is non-toxic, non-leaching, non-hazardous, and will not promote the growth of superbugs.
  • PreventX 24/7™ is approved for fabrics and so much more.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting – Required but is it Enough?

Surfaces treated with sanitizers and disinfectants are free of microorganisms for only a brief period of time from when your sanitizer/disinfectant is applied to when it dries.

Your surface is NOT protected between Sanitizing and Disinfecting cleaning events!

Surface cross-contamination occurs throughout the day and night everywhere through droplets, direct surface contact, and airborne transmission.

Limited Surface Protection when you sanitize/disinfect 4 times daily:

  • Up to 40 minutes of Surface Protection
  • Surfaces are protected 2.8% of the time in a 24-hour period

Surface Protection using PreventX 24/7™ Antimicrobial

Microorganisms cannot exist on a PreventX 24/7™ treated surface and cannot thrive in between sanitizing and disinfecting events, ensuring maximum surface protection.

Surface cross-contamination, regardless of type, is significantly reduced everywhere PreventX 24/7™ is used.

Extended Surface Protection Using PreventX 24/7™

  • Surface Protection 24 hours 7 days a week
  • One application protects surface up to 90 days
  • Implement one of the NewEraSOS antimicrobial programs, and MAXIMIZE SURFACE PROTECTION


A New Era of Scientific Solutions for Your Peace of Mind


Each order of PreventX 24/7 Durable Surface Protection includes one 32oz. labeled bottle w/ sprayer.

Orders of PreventX 24/7 are also available in cases of 4/32oz bottles, 2/1 gallon bottles RTU, 55 gallon drums RTU. 

To learn more about products, other sizes, and discounts, please contact us at 888.637.6760 ext. 165.

Additional information

Weight 2.7 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in