PreventX CCP 64X Concentrate - 2/1 Gallon Bottles


CCP (Carpet Cleaner and Protector) is a superior cleaning solution and protectant for fabrics. Blocks available fabric dye receptors that, if left unprotected, accepts unwanted dyes from fruit drinks, coffees, red wine, mustard, catsup, medicines and other products that are harmful to the fabric.

Cleans and protects nylon, wool, polyester and poly-propylene.

Highly concentrated for economy. Deep cleans with no residue. May also be used as a spot cleaner.

De-foams during cleaning and leaves a fresh scent.


Each order of PreventX CCP includes two 1-gallon bottles of concentrate


Mixing Ratio: 2oz of concentrate for every gallon of water


Spot Treat: Add 2oz of concentrate to a 32oz bottle and fill with water


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