PreventX SCT Concentrate - 1/32oz 16X Concentrate with an empty bottle/sprayer


SCT was specifically formulated to stand alone as your diverse routine daily surface cleaner while reinforcing your surface protection. New hydrophilic water-shedding prevents the accumulation of soap scum, salts, and water spotting. Heavy-duty cleaning yet streak-free on glass, tiles, and stainless steel.

Significantly reduces future cleaning jobs and labor costs.  You'll wonder why you didn't know about this sooner.


Each order comes with PreventX SCT 1/32oz 16X bottle with an empty bottle and sprayer.  Since we don't ship the water, this saves you money and gives you the option of making the mix lighter or stronger, as needed.


Simply fill the empty bottle with water and leave a bit of space at the top for 2oz of the solution to make a powerful cleaner for hard surfaces, glass, and even stainless steel! A powerful and diverse cleaner for only $4.00/quart delivered to your doorstep.  If making the mix at 2oz, you can get 16 32oz bottles out of the one bottle of 16X concentrate.


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