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Antimicrobial, Mold, Mildew Technology

Our Antimicrobial Technology doesn't only disinfect and sanitize for longer than most, but some also leave behind advanced long-lasting protection for hard and soft surfaces thus almost eliminating the harmful effects of many microorganisms including bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, and fungi for up to 90 days.
VS-1000 Disinfectant
RS - 24hr Residual Sanitizer

Cleaning Technology

Whether you need to clean hard or soft surfaces, the Dr. KlarX family of products has the right solution for you. You can use a daily to heavy cleaner/degreaser, or a carpet cleaner. If you have hard surfaces with stubborn soils and stains, try Bio-Dissolve with its enzyme-cleaning technology.
Dr. KlarX - Daily to Heavy
EnCapX Floors and Drains
Bio-Dissolve - Enzyme Cleaner
Dr. KlarX+ Carpet - Cleaner/Protectant

Surface Treatment Technology

No matter what cleaning challenge you face, we have a line of specialized technologies that can handle it safely and effectively. These technologies include Dr. KlarX Calci-Cure. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.
Calci-Cure - Biodegradable: Rust, Calcium, Scale Remover

Sealer Technology

Our sealers are natural and water-based, and they can isolate any surface from any material, whether it’s vertical or flat, hard or soft. You can use them on glass, concrete, upholstery, stainless steel, and more. They protect surfaces from hazards, chemicals, and pollutants without changing the natural appearance of your finishes or furnishing, except for returning the high luster of the original surface. They also offer incredible benefits like sealing without build-up, dust and dirt repellency, odor-causing VOCs neutralization, heat reflection, and static-free properties.
NewEraSeal Finest
NewEraSeal Fortify
Wonder Walk - Floor Finish

BioRemediation Technology

A plant-based odor/grease control technology with specialty formulations to capture, break down, and destroy untreated organic material for all floors, drain lines, traps, lift stations, and many other floors to ground surfaces.
EnCapX Floors and Drains
EnCapX Industrial
EnCapX Odor Media

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Dr KlarX Daily to Heavy Cleaner - 2/1 gallon

Dr. KlarX™ The Streak-free Multi-purpose All Surface Cleaner - Makes 256 Quarts - Glass + Stainless + Grease + More (1-Gal Concentrate)


EnCapX Floor and Drian 2/1-gallon bottle

EnCapX™ Floor and Drain - Makes 256 Quarts - Fats, Oils, & Grease Eater - Odor Control - 2/1-Gal Concentrate


Dr. KlarX BioDissolve Versatile Cleaner and Degreaser 2/1-gallon bottle

Dr. KlarX BioDissolve™ Versatile Water-Based Enzyme Degreaser - Makes 256 Quarts - 2/1 Gallon Concentrate


Finest Sealer 4/1-gallon bottle

Finest Sealer™ RTU - Food Contact Approved Surface Protectant - 4/1 Gallon Bottles