Antimicrobial, Mold, Mildew Technology

PreventX 24/7 - Advancements in antimicrobial technology allow for long-lasting protection of hard surfaces and fabrics from the harmful effects of many microorganisms including bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, and fungi for up to 90 days.
PreventX 24/7

Cleaning Technology

Dr. KlarX cleaner/protectant, Dr. KlarX+ degreaser/protectant, and Dr. KlarX+ Carpet cleaner/protectant are a family of products that bring you solutions from daily hard surface cleaning, degreasing, and protection, to soft surface cleaning/protection like Carpeting.  During cleaning and up to 90 days afterward, the PreventX 24/7 technology is left behind to protect surfaces beyond other products in the market.  Go to the shop page to find out more about each product.
Dr. KlarX - Cleaner/Protectant
Dr. KlarX+ - Cleaner/Degreaser/Protectant
Dr. KlarX+ Carpet - Cleaner/Protectant
Bio-Dissolve - Enzyme Cleaner

Sealer Technology

NewEraSOS (Scientific Optimal Solutions) lives up to the name. We have sealers for every interior and exterior surfaces, hard or soft, from glass to concrete and upholstery to Stainless steel; derived from nature and fused with water, nanotechnologically driven surface isolating features for vertical and flat surfaces of every type of material. They enhance appearances and protect surfaces from hazards, chemicals, and pollutants without changing the natural appearance of your finishes or furnishing, except where a high luster is desired. Built to compatibly penetrate all variety of surfaces and seal without build-up. They repel dust and dirt, and invisible Nano reactions provide phenomenal benefits like neutralizing odor-causing VOCs, reflecting heat, and are static-free.
Sealer Technology

BioRemediation Technology

A plant-based odor/grease control technology with specialty formulations to capture, break down, and destroy untreated organic material for all floors, drain lines, traps, lift stations, and many other floors to ground surfaces.
EnCapX Pro
EnCapX Industrial
EnCapX Odors

Other Advanced Solutions

These technologies offer surface restoration, odor reduction, and surface to drain protection.
CE 1000
CalSolv Urinal Blocks

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Dr. KlarX Daily Cleaning

Dr. KlarX™ - All Hard Surface Cleaner


Dr KlarX - The Antimicrobial Surface Cleaner with PreventX™

Dr. KlarX™ - All Hard Surface Cleaner - 1 Gallon Bottle - 16X Concentrate


Dr. KlarX+ The All Hard Surface Cleaner/Degreaser/Protection - 1-Gallon Bottles of 32X Concentrate

Dr. KlarX+™ All Hard Surface Cleaner, Degreaser, Protection - 1-Gallon Bottles of 10X Concentrate


Bio-Dissolve 1 gallon bottle

Bio-Dissolve™ Water-Based Enzyme Cleaner - 1-Gallon Bottle