Antimicrobial Technology

Advancements in antimicrobial technology allow for long-lasting protection of hard surfaces and fabrics from the harmful effects of many microorganisms including bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, and fungi for up to 90 days.
PreventX 24/7
HandSani4U Hand Sanitizer

Self-Cleaning Technology

New hydrophilic water-shedding technology to help self-clean and pick up soils while sheeting and preventing the accumulation of soap scum, salts, and water spots. Great for all surfaces including stainless steel and glass.
PreventX SCT

Encapsulation Technology

A plant-based odor/grease control technology with specialty formulations to capture, breakdown, and destroy untreated organic material for all floors, drain lines, and many other floor to ground surfaces.
Reject SC
EnCap Plus Drain
DCP w/ EnCap
OdorCap w/ EnCap

Dye Protection Technology

This technology offers protection from nylon and wool fibers where dye receptors are blocked allowing future undesirable stains to be readily cleaned.
PreventX CCP

Other Advanced Solutions

These technologies offer heavy-duty degreasing, restoration, and urinal blocks.
Surface Medic
CE 1000
CalSolv Urinal Blocks

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Long-Lasting HandSani4U - Hand Sanitizer - 12/8oz Bottles with Pump


Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer

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