NewEraSOS Cares

We understand that customers are continually challenged with a lack of modern solutions due to old technologies still being developed and sold. Crisis management and workarounds became standard operating procedures. Our team is committed to introducing original products and programs so that our customers maintain a proactive business environment.

We provide a New Era of Scientific Solutions for your peace of mind.

Through the use of advanced Antimicrobial, Cleaning, Encapsulation, and Augmentation Technologies, and our programs, we ensure positive outcomes through our understanding of the multifaceted microbial environments.

There is an undeniable problem with chemical-based antimicrobial products that create resistant super-bugs. Our scientists, chemists, and engineers are instrumental in all phases of product development to ensure that our programs and products brought to you are innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible. To this point, our featured chemical-free product called PreventX 24/7 is the foundation of protection for surfaces lasting up to 90 days per application and can be found on the website under the Antimicrobial Technology category and has an EPA registered antimicrobial ingredient that destroys or inactivates over 100 independently laboratory tested pathogens.

All of our products are developed and manufactured in the USA!