EnCapX Odor Media

No. Meets most local, state and federal guidelines.


If no exposure to wet environments, there is no shelf life on this product.

Do not freeze. Store in dry condition under maximum 120F.

Yes. The organic gases creating the odors will be encapsulated.

Varies by location and system being treated along with the H2S levels that are present. We recommend monthly treatments and adjust based on desired reduction of odors.

OdorCap utilizes encapsulation technology and natural components allowing for more efficient capture of gases over longer periods of time. Carbon media absorbs the gases until saturated and is more difficult to anticipate replacement timeframe. Replacement of carbon media is costlier.

OdorCap media captures and encapsulates escaping gases by shearing the odor molecule reducing odors released into the atmosphere.

Ideal use of OdorCap is on top of a modified plastic manhole insert for all storm drains, sewer/collection lines, grease interceptors or all other residential & commercial manhole locations where odors are present.

Yes, once diluted, around 7.

Reduce extreme sulfide odors.