Product Overview

Product Overview

Cleaning Technology

EnCapX™ Floor & Drains

EnCapX™ Floor & Drains is a Heavy-duty, powerful, and cost-effective floor and surface cleaner (includes glass and stainless steel) and is a multipurpose grease and odor control that has our EnCapsulation solution designed to replace several SKUs within a facility without compromising the cleanliness of your surfaces and systems. It’s ideal for floor-care, drain line maintenance (maintain clear lines & reduce odors), grease trap maintenance, indoor and outdoor surfaces (dumpsters, concrete, asphalt, brick, etc.) leaving your area smelling fresh after every use.

Dr. KlarX™ BioDissolve

Dr. KlarX™ BioDissolve is a water-based enzyme cleaner designed to use in place of high-pH cleaners.  It is bio-degradable, non-flammable, VOC-compliant, and water-soluble.  It safely cleans hard surfaces like concrete masonry, tiles, Fiberglas, plastic, and stone surfaces. It goes to work immediately – absorbs, emulsifies, and floats soil away.  It dilutes with water for easy, economical application.

It stands out by using nanotechnology in our eco-friendly cleaners to improve the surface active ingredients (Surfactants) at the sub-micron level with safer natural minerals and eliminate harsher, dangerous traditional caustic chemicals.  Nano surfactants drive cleaning agents deeper and faster into the soiled surfaces for a more complete deeper clean.

Dr. KlarX™ Big Green

Dr. KlarX™ Big Green concrete cleaner removes dirt, rust, wax film, and mud stains from tough finishes.  It is ideal for older concrete cleaning and etching and it could be used on colored concrete and is great for rough-form finishes, sand-blasted surfaces, heavily textured surfaces, exposed aggregate (aggregate exposure), concrete block, and smooth concrete surfaces.

Dr. KlarX™ Daily to Heavy Cleaner

Dr. KlarX™ Daily to Heavy Cleaner is a versatile and efficient cleaner that works on all surfaces, from glass and stainless steel to carpet and soap scum. It removes dirt, grease, hard water spots and more, without leaving streaks, residues or dullness. It has a neutral pH and a light-fresh fragrance. It eliminates the need for multiple cleaners and saves you time and money.

Dr. KlarX™ BioRestore

Dr. KlarX™ BioRestore is a nanoized biological multi-surface cleaner and restoration solution.  It is formulated with the most advanced Nanotechnology in fusion with eco-friendly Biotechnology. It does not contain harmful acids, solvents, or phosphates.  Miniaturized molecules penetrate rapidly into surface stains, driving biological cleaning agents deep to dissolve, lift, and remove stains in a short period of time without harming the surface.  For use on all types of masonry and hard surface cleaning and restoration applications.

Dr. KlarX™ RLS Remover

Dr. KlarX™ RLS Remover is an acid-free, low-pH, heavy-duty cleaner, and mineral deposit remover.  It is an excellent choice as a safe alternative to other harsh chemicals typically used to remove rust, hard calcification, calcium build-ups, algae stains, iron, sulfur, and other deposits.

It combines detergents and nano surfactants to effectively break down rust, lime, scale, and other mineral deposits. Extremely versatile product that can be used on all water-friendly hard surfaces.

Dr. KlarX+ Carpet

Dr. KlarX+ Carpet™ is a highly concentrated (64X) low foaming carpet cleaner with a pH near neutral formulation that leaves behind our PreventX 24/7 technology every time you clean. While cleaning it also reduces/prevents odors and protects carpet fibers and upholstery.

Dr. KlarX™ Calci-Cure

Dr. KlarX™ Calci-Cure is scientifically engineered nanoparticles that boost the effectiveness of our formula to rapidly penetrate and dissolve mineral deposits and rust without damage to sound metals, plastics, rubbers, and even synthetic hoses or cooling channels.

It’s a low-pH cleaner alternative to harsh acids. It combines detergents and nano surfactants to more
effectively break down calcium, lime, rust, and other mineral deposits.

Sealer Technology

NewEraSeal™ Wonder Walk

NewEraSeal™ Wonder Walk provides a long-lasting, easily maintained, protective lustrous finish on numerous flooring surfaces.  Nano metal oxide components provide a stronger finish and bonding penetration on hard surfaces to assure superior service. NewEraSOS™ has successfully combined two emerging technologies to address multiple problems of surface protection against corrosion, soil adhesion, atmospheric fouling, abrasion, static, and UV degradation with “liquid glass” penetrating sealing. Employing a proprietary water-based fusion of nanotechnology-sized polymeric particulates, NewEraSeal™ Wonder Walk protectant works on hard surfaces to seal, protect, enhance appearance, and extend asset life.  NewEraSeal™ Wonder Walk also utilizes nano-metal oxides to densify and strengthen surfaces without hardening to further enhance UV protection and surface protection.

NewEraSeal™ Finest Sealer

NewEraSeal™ Finest Sealer™ works excellent on different hard and soft surfaces, including tile, natural stone, glass, stainless steel and all other metal, ceramic, plastics, clear coats, painted and unpainted surfaces, concrete, masonry, stone, composites, ABS, polycarbonate, styrene, acrylics, grout, wood, fabrics, and many more.

NOTE: Not intended for use on polished flooring surfaces as they will become very slippery.

NewEraSeal™ Fortify Sealer

NewEraSeal™ Fortify Sealer integrates with any surface (tile, concrete, plastics, glass, wood, etc.). Long-lasting sub-micron protection against scale, lime, calcium, and other mineral deposits, atmospheric fouling, corrosion, soil adhesion, and UV degradation with “liquid glass” penetrating sealant.

NOTE: Not intended for use on polished flooring surfaces as they will become very slippery.

NewEraSeal™ Stayz Sealer

NewEraSeal™ Stayz Sealer is a water-based Nano-enhanced deep penetrating water repellent.  The formulation includes photocatalytic Nano-metal oxides designed for superior protection of concrete, masonry, stone, stucco, pavers, masonry verticals, and ornate delicate façades.

It is the most advanced Nano-chemistry masonry sealer available. Nano-technology delivers deep penetrating protections and unique features to enhance your masonry surfaces and maintain a like-new look.

Antimicrobial, Mold, Mildew Technology

VS-1000 Disinfectant

VS-1000 powerful formula was intentionally designed with today’s threats in mind. VS-1000 is a multi-purpose, germicidal, virucidal, and fungicidal cleaner and deodorizer that disinfects or sanitizes (non-food contact surfaces), cleans and removes malodors from hard, non-porous, inanimate surfaces.VS-1000 is on the EPA LIST N of products with Emerging Viral Pathogens AND Human Coronavirus claims for use against SARS-CoV-2. Ideal for use with electrostatic sprayers. Ask us how you can get one.

RS – Residual Sanitizer / Disinfectant

Kills 99.9% of bacteria on hard, non-porous, non-food contact surfaces.
Ready-to-use 3-in-1 cleaner, disinfectant, and protectant No PPE is required.

BioRemediation Technology

EnCapX™ Plus

EnCapX™ Plus is a Heavy-duty, powerful, and cost-effective drain/grease trap maintainer, degreaser, and multipurpose grease and odor control that has our EnCapsulation solution designed to replace several SKUs within a facility without compromising the cleanliness of your surfaces and systems. It’s ideal for floor care, drain line maintenance (maintain clear lines & reduce odors), grease trap maintenance, and indoor and outdoor surfaces (dumpsters, concrete, asphalt, brick, etc.) leaving your area smelling fresh after every use.

EnCapX™ Industrial

EnCapX™ Industrial is a bioremediation tool containing our EnCapsulation solution that is used to stabilize pH swings and speed up the biodegradation process within your system. It reduces BOD, TSS, and improves oxygen levels, and reduces grease and odors found in grease traps, lift stations, and sewer collection lines.

EnCapX Odor™

EnCapX™ Odor is a unique media blend that contains perlite, our Encapsulation solution, and odor counteractants. Its primary use is to accelerate organic gas remediation and reduce odors that are released out of sewer and grease interceptor manhole ports. The primary component in our Encapsulation solution is BG Clean 401. BG Clean 401 is listed on the EPA National Contingency Plan as a wetting agent. It is also well-documented as a bioremediation tool.

BioCap (T™, L™, CP™, P™)

BioCap-T™ – A proprietary blend of microbes (800 billion per gallon) designed for use in drain lines and grease traps to digest and consume F.O.G.’s. The microbes’ ability to consume large amounts of organics maintain efficient drains and traps, reducing pumping and cleaning while controlling the odors.

BioCap-L™ – A proprietary blend of microbes (1 trillion per gallon)specifically designed to operate in the harsh environment found in lift stations that effectively control the build-up of organics, grease while reducing associated odors.

BioCap-CP™ – A proprietary blend of microbes in compressed powder chunks designed as a “slow-release” program releasing 100 billion microbes per pound over a 2 to 3-week period to consume organics and F.O.G.’s in grease traps and lift stations.

BioCap-P™ – A proprietary blend of 500 billion microbes per gallon designed to control algae growth in ponds and lakes. Eliminate odors and dirty waters.

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Other Advanced Solutions

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LUX Electrostatic Sprayer
Electrostatic Backpack Trigger Sprayer

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LuxElectroStatic (powered by InCharged) is an electrostatic spray cleaning mechanism that electrically charges the chemical solution so that when released the solution quickly bonds to surfaces instead of falling straight to the floor. This technology, typically used to sterilize offices, restaurants, universities, and public transportation, is now available commercially for faster sanitizing times thanks to LuxElectroStatic.

  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Packaged Dimensions: 28″ x 10.5″ x 26″
  • Tank Capacity: 16 liters
  • Range: Up to 9 ft
  • Finish: Matte white + black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power: Lithium Battery-operated
  • Flow Rate: Ranges from 15 micron – 40 micron
  • Nozzle Options: There are two: 15 micron (metal nozzle) and 40 micron (plastic nozzle) – metal is recommended for disinfecting.

Electrostatic Sprayers
VSEGlobal Electrostatic Sprayers are the future.

As the world is realizing the dangers of germs and viruses virtually everywhere, it is becoming increasingly more important to disinfect regularly and more thoroughly. There isn’t a more effective or efficient way to disinfect right now than to use an electrostatic disinfection sprayer. VSEGlobal has the best electrostatic sprayers on the market with its patent-pending Aerostatic technology. One of these 4 machines is perfect for any size task from vehicles to arenas. We are your solution. Call us TODAY and find out what exciting solutions we may have for you!

ExtremeMist® – Portable Sanitizing System

During this time of a worldwide viral pandemic, ExtremeMist® has re-purposed The (PCS) Blue pump technology to disperse antimicrobial solutions and other chemical disinfectants. The Portable Sanitizing System can be used to sanitize any size area with an atomizing fog that has far superior coverage over conventional spray bottles. The (PSS) is mobile, lightweight and easy to use. It makes sanitizing solutions last up to 3 times longer than trigger style spray bottles and gets the job done in 1/3 the time! The new PSS can be utilized for consumer or industrial use.

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