How BioRemediation Technology Breaks Down Grease

How BioRemediation Technology Breaks Down Grease

Grease residue is hard to remove. It’ll stick to any surface it comes in contact with, especially in a commercial kitchen or home kitchen.  Grease buildup is a special problem for drains. Using conventional products is more than likely just moving the fats, oils, and grease (referred to as “F.O.G.”) to another location further downstream, resulting in odors and blockages that will cause more problems in the future. Plus, organics stuck to surfaces can lead to fruit and drain flies swarming around the kitchen.

Traditional cleaning products can’t effectively deal with F.O.G., what to do?

BioRemediation technology from NewEraSOS is changing the way people fight grease.

What Is BioRemediation Technology?

Conventional cleaners typically emulsify F.O.G., which liquifies it without really eliminating it. An emulsion of cleaner and F.O.G. can reformulate further down the drain line and can become even more difficult to remove.  In other words, while it may solve one issue it ends up creating other, potentially worse problems.

BioRemediation technology, on the other hand, uses micro-fractionalizing, which is the process of cutting F.O.G. and then encapsulating them with an all-natural plant extract. Picture F.O.G. being sequestered into tiny “ping-pong balls.” Naturally occurring bacteria then consume the encapsulated F.O.G., further breaking it down over time.

Encapsulation isn’t just going to move the problem from one site to another. It gets rid of it altogether.

Best of all, the end product can simply be washed down the drain. It’s environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so extra remediation is required.

Using BioRemediation Technology to Break Down Grease

There are many ways to use BioRemediation technology, including the following options:

  • Preventing F.O.G. from sticking to surfaces, improving the performance of grease interceptors, pump and lift stations, collection systems and oil/water separators
  • Maintaining commercial kitchen drain lines
  • Reducing odors at dumpster sites, grease recycle bins and backdoors
  • Removing grease and oil stains from concrete and asphalt
  • Treating beer tap, soda and ice machine drain lines
  • Maintaining shower, urinal and bathroom drain lines
  • Eliminating drain and fruit flies by removing their source of food

Examples of BioRemediation Products

At NewEraSOS, our products incorporating BioRemediation technology were specifically designed to eliminate F.O.G. and prevent odors and pests from taking hold. We offer three products that address many F.O.G. pain points:

  • EnCapX Pro: The most concentrated product that we offer, EnCapX Pro is designed to remove difficult grease and odor issues even in heavy industrial settings. For example, it can be used in collection systems, grease interceptors, any diameter drain lines and lift stations. With biostimulants that enhance the natural biological environment, it can be added to systems or surfaces by either a spray applicator or automatic dispenser.

    With this technology, odors are reduced, oxygen levels are improved, and biological oxygen demand (BOD) and total suspended solids (TSS) are lowered. By decreasing hydrogen sulfide gas in collections, corrosion will be reduced, which can extend the lifespan of concrete and metal surfaces.

  • Dr. KlarX+: This product can be used in both commercial and residential settings. It was specifically formulated to serve as a multipurpose degreasing solution. By reducing F.O.G. buildup on hard surfaces, it can eliminate odors anywhere there are F.O.G.'s for example trash receptacles. Automotive sources of grease, like oil and asphalt residues, are another great target for Dr. KlarX+.

    This product can also be used for scrubbing hard floor surfaces that have drains. So, not only does the product cleanse floors, it also continually cleans the lines at the same time. Plus, it will leave areas smelling fresh long after it is used.

  • BioCap Products: Problematic drain lines require a product that can aggressively combat odors, F.O.G. and drain flies. BioCap products are the solution and is perfect for do-it-yourself applications. It is available in packages and 1/2-gallon containers that are partially filled with concentrate, which can be activated with water. The treatment can be poured directly into troublesome drains.

    These products work for both residential and commercial settings. It can be used as part of routine maintenance to improve overall conditions in floor, sink, and drink dispenser drains as well as small under sink grease traps, larger outside grease traps, lift stations both local and city, ponds, and many more areas. BioCap products contain a proprietary blend (microbes) with biostimulants.

    You will find the BioCap products under the names of BioCap-T, BioCap-L, BioCap-CP, and BioCap-P.

Learn more about our BioRemediation technology products and how they can reduce issues with drain lines and odors. NewEraSOS stands by its products with professional, scientific support suitable for every scale of deployment. Contact us today to talk to one of our sales reps: (888) 637-6760.