Meet our CEO David Espinosa

Meet our CEO David Espinosa

Lessons learned through tragedy have shaped NewEraSOS CEO David Espinosa’s approach to business and to life.

Before he partnered with the other founders of NewEraSOS to bring the company’s technological innovations to market, David owned a pharmacy business that specialized in serving patients with hemophilia. 

During the 1980s when the HIV/AIDS crisis first took hold, the manufacturers to the hemophilia industry didn’t know that the plasma, used to manufacture the products, was contaminated with the virus. No one was screening blood for it. As a consequence, a whole generation of hemophilia patients passed away after contracting the virus. 

By the time that David owned the pharmacy, the manufactures had created products that did not rely on plasma and were making sure that the plasma products were safe.  We had many patients that were on our service that passed away.  “It was a sobering time in anybody’s life to have to go to that many funerals,” says David.  “Being in a position to help people improve their lives with technology is a privilege”.

Launching NewEraSOS to bring transformative technology to market

A series of chance meetings turned David’s attention to the potential in PreventX 24/7™ and other technologies that today he’s helping NewEraSOS bring to market.

As David explains, the technology for antimicrobial barriers has been around for decades. Dow Chemical originally invented the formulation used in PreventX 24/7™ as an anti-static product. In the 1980s researchers discovered that it could also be used as an antimicrobial barrier, but pricing and other factors kept it from the marketplace.

When he learned about PreventX 24/7™ technology and what it could do, David quickly understood that he was looking at something with potentially transformative potential. “We recognized that this technology could be used to protect surfaces.  Most businesses in this industry were only going after manufacturers to add antimicrobial formulas to the product formulation like paint and concrete.   We recommend applying PreventX 24/7 to the paint and concrete after they dry to ensure better protection of the surface.  By making it something you apply with a spray, and making it durable, we’ve turned it into a solution that can be used almost anywhere, by anyone. It’s a big deal.”

Letting the world know what antimicrobial barriers can do

David knows that the first challenge facing NewEraSOS is the absence of an established market for PreventX 24/7™ technology. “Most people have no idea this sort of thing is possible,” he says. “Getting out and educating the public is our first order of business.”

“What most people don’t realize is their surfaces aren’t as clean as they assume them to be,” David says. “You can clean a door handle, for example, and believe that it’s sanitized. But every time someone new touches a door handle, kitchen countertop or anything else, then that surface has been exposed to new bacteria.”

Basically, a surface is only as clean as the last person who came into contact with it. If the last person was contaminated or sick, then the surface isn’t clean anymore. That’s why a preventative barrier is extremely important.

“We need to continually educate people about the cleanliness of surfaces and the importance of it,” David says. “If there’s a way to reduce the effects of microorganisms from growing on a particular surface and causing issues, it will be a great thing that we do as a business.”

For David, building a business requires being responsive to the constant change that the industry and day-to-day life will bring. “You always have new things that are happening to us as humans. COVID is an extreme example of this. Every two to three years, there’s a new bug that comes out.”

What Sets NewEraSOS Apart

According to David, technology is the main thing that sets NewEraSOS apart from its competitors.

“We just don’t want to be another cleaner,” he says. By introducing an antimicrobial solution that can form a durable, long-lasting barrier, NewEraSOS aims to change the way businesses, organizations, and even homeowners approach surface protection.

Of course, PreventX 24/7™ is only one of the company’s technologies. “We have a number of important products that are available now or will be available soon. Our encapsulation technology, for instance, is a big step forward because it can clean up F.O.G’s (Fats Oils and Grease) from drain lines in a way that’s environmentally friendly and safe for people to be around.”

Ultimately, that focus on building a better, safer environment is a big motivator for David.

His Personal Philosophy

Calling himself a quieter man, David knows it’s important to clear away the chatter of what other people say and be more even-keeled. He believes that you should drop everything to help a friend in need, and he brings this mentality to business.

Being a first generation Cuban, David’s parent came to the USA in 1953 to provide a better opportunity from themselves and their future family.  David’s father instilled the principle that it’s up to individuals to do something about their shortcomings.  For some people there might be more hurdles to go over and challenges that they must overcome but don’t give up.  Keep trying for what you want.

“If I’m worried about my lack of knowledge, I go out and read. I take it as a chance to learn more.”

David always tries to keep striving to improve and help others improve themselves.  In fact, he believes in constantly working on himself.

“We never know everything. You don’t know what you don’t know. As soon as you admit that, you open up the door to keep learning. There are always things to improve upon.”  

About NewEraSOS

NewEraSOS is led by a team of scientists dedicated to helping customers.  We offer four categories of technologies: antimicrobial, self-cleaning, encapsulation and dye protection. Learn more now. Call us at (888) 637-6760.