BioCap-T™ - A proprietary blend of microbes (800 billion per gallon) designed for use in drain lines and grease traps to digest and consume F.O.G.’s. The microbes’ ability to consume large amounts of organics maintain efficient drains and traps, reducing pumping and cleaning while controlling the odors.

BioCap-L™ - A proprietary blend of microbes (1 trillion per gallon)specifically designed to operate in the harsh environment found in lift stations that effectively control the build-up of organics, grease while reducing associated odors.

BioCap-CP™ - A proprietary blend of microbes in compressed powder chunks designed as a “slow-release” program releasing 100 billion microbes per pound over a 2 to 3-week period to consume organics and F.O.G.’s in grease traps and lift stations.

BioCap-P™ - A proprietary blend of 500 billion microbes per gallon designed to control algae growth in ponds and lakes. Eliminate odors and dirty waters.