Bio-Dissolve™ Water-Based Enzyme Cleaner - 1-Gallon Bottle


Just $3.08 per quart (32oz)!

Bio-Dissolve™ integrates with any surface (tile, concrete, masonry, plastics, glass, fiberglass, wood, outdoor furniture, etc.). Nanotechnology is an eco-friendly cleaner with natural minerals compared to harsher products. Improved cleaning of Volatile Organic Compounds. Removes Grease, Oil, Creosote, Carbon, Inks, Dye, Wax, Food Stains, and other stubborn soils.

• Deep Cleaning
• Consumes Odors
• Water Soluble
• 100% Fireproof
• V.O.C. Compliant
• Safe on Metal Surfaces
• Makes Deep Cleaning Easy
• Economical
• Non-Toxic
• Versatile Cleaning
• Don’t have to use Dangerous and Caustic chemicals



1. Eliminates mineral deposits/build-up on the surfaces.
2. Use Bio-Dissolve™ rather than petroleum solvents or caustic cleaners.
3. Removes soils from surfaces.
4. Removes hydrocarbons.
5. Bio-Dissolve™ eliminates the need for other products that hide scaling and deposits.

Bio-Dissolve™ is a water-based enzyme cleaner designed to use in place of high-pH cleaners.

Where to Use

Bio-Dissolve™ may be sprayed, mopped, or wiped on any hard and soft soiled surface areas.

Primary Applications

Use Bio-Dissolve™ instead of petroleum solvents or caustic cleaners on tough grease, pet, urine, and blood stains, carbon, wax build-up, and odor-causing organic soils.

Supplies Needed

1. Bio-Dissolve™
2. Spray applicator
3. Paper towels, microfiber cloth, or other

How to Use

• Allow time to dissolve soil, scrub with a mop, paper towel, cloth, or sponge.
• Rinse with clean water.
• Stubborn spots may be scoured with a non-abrasive pad.
• For floor wax, allow to solubilize wax, use a rotary stripper pad, and collect residue with a wet vac.

Dilution Ratios

• Light Buildup: Dilute 5:1
• Moderate Buildup: Dilute 3:1
• Heavy Buildup: Dilute 1:1
• Severe Buildup: Use undiluted

How it works

NewEraSOS™ stands out by using nanotechnology in our eco-friendly cleaners to improve the surface-active ingredients (Surfactants) at the sub-micron level with safer natural minerals and eliminate harsher, dangerous traditional caustic chemicals. Nano surfactants drive cleaning agents deeper and faster into the soiled surfaces for a more complete deeper clean. This helps eliminate Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and residue build-up and improves safety profiles.


1. Pre-wet the surface.
2. Determine the proper dilution with prior testing.  Dilute up to 1 part Bio-Dissolve™ to 5 parts water.
3. Spray, mop, or brush diluted cleaner onto the surface with a soft nylon fibered brush. For large areas, spray on with a pump sprayer, allow the tile to work, and follow #4 & 5 below.
4. Let it set for 2 to 3 minutes. Do not let the cleaning solution dry on the surface.
5. Rinse off with water or pressure washing equipment (3 gallons per minute at 400 to 600 psi).


As with all cleaning and sealing products, use protective wear (gloves and goggles to avoid skin and eye contact).


Each order of Bio-Dissolve™ comes with a 1-gallon bottle.

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Additional information

Weight 8.8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 in