Dr. KlarX™ BioRestore – RTU – Multi-Surface Cleaner and Restoration Solution (55-Gallons)

Product Info

Dr. KlarX™ BioRestore is a nanoized biological multi-surface cleaner and restoration solution.  It is formulated with the most advanced Nanotechnology in fusion with eco-friendly Biotechnology. It does not contain harmful acids, solvents, or phosphates.  Miniaturized molecules penetrate rapidly into surface stains, driving biological cleaning agents deep to dissolve, lift, and remove stains in a short period of time without harming the surface.  For use on all types of masonry and hard surface cleaning and restoration applications.

Where to Use

Use to rapidly clean and remove harmful biological and atmospheric pollutant stains such as mold, algae, moss, mildew, and lichen from the following surfaces:

Masonry: Concrete – Cement – Brick – Limestone – Stucco –

Stone: Sandstone – Natural Stone – Terra Cotta – Travertine – Marble – Granite

Architectural: Facades – Sculptures – Monuments – Headstones

Roofing: Clay Roof Tile – Concrete Roof Tile

Others: Wood – Metal – Plastic – Vinyl – Aluminum – Fiberglass – Canvas


Primary Applications

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial


Features & Benefits

Easy to Use and Apply

Eco-Friendly Formulation


Ozone Safe and Full VOC Compliance

Can be used on Ornate and Older, Softened Stone and Concrete

Can be used on new surfaces


Use Instructions

No Scrub / No Rinse Method

  1. The product is ready-to-use, no dilution necessary.
  2. Pre-wet surface with water, then wet the entire surface with ready-to-use KlarX™ BioRestore using a pump-up sprayer or low-pressure power washer.
  3. Allow to air dry.
  4. KlarX™ BioRestore works with the elements and results occur within one week to one month, depending on severity of soil.
  5. Reapply if stain persists or if rain occurs within 12 hours of application.


Cleaning Method

  1. Product is ready-to-use, no dilution necessary.
  2. Always spot test product first, to determine coverage, contact and cleaning time.
  3. Pre-wet surface with water, then apply KlarX™ BioRestore.
  4. Apply with a pump sprayer (garden style pump sprayer), low-pressure power sprayer, brush, roller or simply wipe on surface.
  5. Allow product to remain on the surface for 10 minutes.
  6. Scrub with a soft nylon or natural bristle brush. Do Not Use Metal Brush as it may scratch or damage the surface.
  7. Rinse with clean water and continue to scrub and rinse till the stain is removed.
  8. Use a low-pressure washer to clean and rinse large areas, adjust pressure based on the surface to avoid damage to the surface. Spot test and adjust pressure before rinsing entire area.
  9. If some stains appear after rinsing repeat the above steps and rinse thoroughly.


Long-Term Results and Maintenance

  1. After initial restoration of masonry surfaces, seal surfaces with NewEraSeal™ Stayz Sealer for maximum protection.
  2. After initial restoration of man-made surfaces (fiberglass, composite, vinyl, fabric), seal surfaces with NewEraSeal™ Fortify Sealer for maximum protection.
  3. Extreme atmospheric pollution may require up to once-a-year light No Scrub-No Rinse application to help maintain a clean, stain-free surface.
  4. If heavy growth or staining occurs, use, and follow cleaning steps described in the application process.


  • Ensure ambient air temperature is at least 45°F for maximum cleaning performance.
  • For heavy growth and deposits, such as lichen, use plastic scrapers and tools to loosen and scrape the surface. Keep surface wet with Dr. KlarX™ BioRestore.
  • Use plastic sheeting to protect all non-cleaning and surrounding surfaces from overspray and excessive plant and ground exposers. Rinse all over sprayed and exposed non-cleaning surfaces with plenty of water.



Keep container tightly closed.  Store out of direct sunlight between 40°F and 110°F.



Keep out of reach of children.

Refer to SDS prior to use.

Keep product away from skin and eyes.

Do not swallow or ingest this product.


Safety – First Aid

Refer to SDS.

As with all cleaning products, use protective wear (mask, gloves, and goggles to avoid skin and eye contact).


Each order of Dr. KlarX™ BioRestore – RTU comes with a 55-gallon pail.

To learn more about these and any other products, other sizes, and discounts for bulk orders, please contact us at 888.637.6760 ext. 165.

Additional information

Weight 480.7 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 35 in