NewEraLube™ Odorless Gun Cleaner – RTU – Fast-Acting Emulsifiers with Special Anti-Rust Additives – (5-Gallons)

Product Info

NewEraLube™ Odorless Gun Cleaner is specifically designed to clean the interior of all automatic, semi-automatic, and manually operating firearms, guns, and pistols.

This product contains special anti-rust additives and fast-acting emulsifiers to remove rust, carbon, stain, and sticky residue. This is a nano-enhanced technology that works much faster than ordinary gun cleaning products.


Unique Features

  • Advanced cleaning technology specially designed for all firearms.
  • Penetrates deeper to clean microscopic pores of all interior surfaces and moving parts.
  • Helps remove rust, carbon, gunk, lead, metal fouling, and sticky powdery residue.
  • Provides a barrier against moisture and corrosion.
  • Contains water and humidity displacement technology to prevent further rust and staining.
  • Improves penetration of NewEraLube™ Nano Gun Lube.
  • Improves overall functions of all moving and non-moving parts.
  • Works with or without a boring snake.
  • Spray and wipe off all parts and interior surfaces.
  • Odor-free and biodegradable.
  • Made in the USA.



  • Non-hazardous
  • Ozone Safe and Full VOC Compliance
  • NO PTFE’s or PFAS


Use Instructions

  1. Follow the firearm manufacturer’s directions on disassembling the firearm.
  2. Apply Odorless Gun Cleaner and Degreaser to a bore brush and run it through the barrel until it comes out of the opposite end. Repeat this process three or four times, reapplying cleaner as needed.
  3. Optional: Also clean the inside of the magazine using a gun brush and brush all parts of the action and wipe them dry with a clean cloth.
  4. We recommend applying NewEraLube™ Nano Gun Lube after cleaning to lubricate all moving and non-moving parts of the firearm.


Storage, Handling & Shelf Life

  • Do not use near open flame or on hot surfaces.
  • Do not smoke while using the product.
  • Keep the container closed away from heat and flame.
  • Storage: 40°F to 90 °F.



  • Keep out of reach of children and pets. Refer to SDS before use.
  • Keep product away from skin and eyes. Do not swallow or ingest this product.
  • Wear rubber gloves and eye protection.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling.


Quick Specs

Size: 1-gal, 5-gal Pails, 55-gal Drums
Appearance: Light Amber Liquid
Fragrance: Odorless
Ready to Use


Each order of NewEraLube™ Odorless Gun Cleaner – Ready to use includes 5-gallon pail.

To learn more about these and any other products, other sizes, and discounts for bulk orders, please contact us at 888.637.6760 ext. 165.

Additional information

Weight 34.1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in